World Economic Forum 2018 – Davos

That’s it for another year. With over 400 sessions on the official programme (160 of which were broadcast live on our website), it can be hard keeping up with everything happening at our Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

To help you get your head round it all, here’s a recap of some (but by no means all) of the week’s big stories.

The three greatest threats to civilization, according to Narendra Modi

On day one of Davos, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi listed his three most significant challenges to civilization as we know it: climate change, terrorism and the backlash against globalization.

Modi, leader of the fastest growing major economy in the world – as well as the world’s largest democracy – also spoke about the opportunities and dangers of technology, India’s plan to fight income inequality, job creation, and how the country is “cutting the red tape and rolling out the red carpet” to international trade and investment.